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The 2 types of power: AC and DC

DC and AC are the two types of scheme encountered in electrical installations. They are produced by generators that have their own mode of operation. We will review these 2 entities:

The DC

This type of current is supplied by batteries, batteries or photovoltaic panels. The voltage and current produced by the generator are constant over time, as the latter does not discharge. It should be noted that the current flows in the same direction, the positive polarity to the negative polarity, by convention.
Here are the different types of generators supplying a DC voltage source:
The electrochemical generator: the cell or storage battery
Electronic generator: the solar panel
the mains supply, through a rectifier, and transforming the AC power to DC.


This is the power that comes directly to you through the power distributor. It is a type of power that constantly changes direction. They say it is periodic.

It changes direction at a rate of 100 times per second; this is why our alternating current has a frequency of 50Hz (50 vibrations / sec.). over one polarity only speak + or - but phase and neutral.
The generator delivering a sinusoidal AC voltage alternator. This is a machine comprising a fixed magnetic part (called the stator) in which rotates a wire coil (rotor). The rotation of the coil within the magnetic field will generate an alternating current. There are two modes of distribution of this AC:
single phase (phase and neutral)
the three-phase (three phases and neutral)
The transmission of electricity is high voltage alternating current in order to limit energy losses over long distances and facilitates the transition from one voltage level to another. It is also much easier to change the characteristics of an alternating current as a DC current. This is done using the transformer which made for a niveaude voltage to another very easily.

However, this type of conversion is not suitable DC as this would lead to the destruction of the transformer is not technically designed for this.
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