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Single Supply 5V

Single Supply 5V


This power supply provides power to large energy consumers (LF amplifier for car radio, CB, etc). It is built around an integrated voltage regulator LM338 type and is capable of delivering a voltage between 12V and 15V (13.8 V for example). The maximum current that is capable of delivering is 5 A.


The diagram shows all of the food, and based on the use of common components, except maybe for the voltage regulator chosen here a LM338, which is used less and less common as the LM317. This pattern is almost identical to the diagram of the 003 single supply, the main difference being the available output current. The use of an integrated regulator type LM350 (3 A) to replace the LM338 (5A) can be justified if your output current requirements do not exceed 3A. Note that the LM338 and LM350 are sold at almost the same price (if not identical), so as to opt directly for the LM338 if you have neither at hand, and you need the order!

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