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Top Five Applications for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Top Five Applications for Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  In this list, I will present 10 android applications for electronics, automation and electrotechnicians. All applications are available and downloaded to Google Play
This application simulates electrical circuits and you can build
Various electrical circuits

It is the application of a fundamental and important element for electrical engineers and the application of electronics on many computers such as electricity

Calculation of section (wire size
Calculation of the voltage drop
Calculation of current
Calculation of the voltage
Calculation of the active power
Resistance to voltage reduction

Cover artThis application is a gift for all graduates in electrical and electronic engineering and students. Now you do not need to remember all these complex formulas. This application contains all the calculations and conversions of electrical engineering, including voltage, current, power, efficiency,

One of the best electrical applications for telephones. It contains a large number of computers and electrical information sources:
Resistance, inductance, capacitor color code and their arrays and standard design, power calculator, SMD resistance color code, voltage divider rule, Ohm law calculator, reactance / resonance calculator, calculation value of Capacitor chargers, voltage calculator, Star-Delta & Delta -Star) Y-Δ Transformation, LED resistance calculator, Life Battery calculator

This application allows you to examine and compare the properties of the various functions of PIC and PIC Microcontrollers and Microchip

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