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Electrical Installation Calculations Basic

General Description
All the essential calculations required for basic electrical installation work

The Electrical Installation Calculations series has proved an invaluable reference for over forty years, for both apprentices and professional electrical installation engineers alike. The book provides a step-by-step guide to the successful application of electrical installation calculations required in day-to-day electrical engineering practice.

Table of Contents

1 Use of Calculators
2 Simple Transposition of Formulae
3 SI Units
4 Conductor Colour Identification
5 Circuit Calculations
6 Voltage Drop
7 Areas, Perimeters, and Volume
8 Space Factors
9 Coulombs and Current Flow
10 Internal Resistance
11 Power in a d.c. and Purely Resistive a.c. Circuit
12 Power Factor
13 Transformers
14 Electromagnetic Effect
15 Induced e.m.f.
16 Self-Inductance
17 Mutual Inductance
18 Cable Selection
19 Earth Fault Loop Impedance
20 Material Costs, Discounts, and Value Added Tax
21 Electrostatics
22 Formulae
23 Electronic Symbols
24 Glossary
25 Answers to Exercises
26 Additional Questions and Answers

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